Alexandria-Washington Lodge No. 22

Online Payments via PayPal

Welcome to the Alexandria-Washington Lodge #22 Online Payment Page.

Members and friends of Alexandria-Washington Lodge may use this page to make payments and donations to the Lodge. To use this site you must create an account with our credit card authorization provider, PayPal. The information used to create your account will remain confidential and will not be sold or shared with any other company, organization or individual.

Once your account has been established, PayPal will NEVER contact you to via-email or through any web site asking you to validate your account or provide confirmation of any personal data such as Social Security number, bank or credit card information. Please ignore all such requests.

What kind of payments can I make?

You may use this site to make payments such as:

  • Dues Payment
  • Initiation Fees
  • Purchase Tickets for Lodge Events
  • Make Donations to the Lodge
  • Purchase of Life Membership In Perpetuity (LMIP)
  • Affiliation Fee (For Out-of-State Residents)

Who may use this site?

Anyone who whishes to make payments or donations to the Lodge. The system will not validate your membership before accepting payment. Therefore, any payments received by non-members, including Membership Dues and Life Memberships, will be considered as a non-refundable donation to the Lodge.

Payment of Dues or Life Membership by non-members will not be refunded and will not result in membership to the Lodge.

Paypal charges the Lodge a 3% fee for the processing of your payment through this facility. This fee is added to the amount stated for each payment item, resulting in a total cost being equal to the item plus 3%. As an example, for the dues payment of $181.00, the fee is $5.71 resulting in $186.71 total cost.

How will the Lodge know I have made my payments?

After completing each transaction the system will provide you with a receipt and a payment notice will be sent to the Lodge. If you are paying your Dues, LMIP or Initiation Fees, the Secretary will be notified of your payment and will use the information on your account and take the necessary action. If you are attending a Lodge event we will use the payment notice to add your name to the guest list and you will not be required to present at ticket to the event.

Annual Dues Payments via PayPal (2018)

Lodge Dues (2018)
Click here to pay the annual dues in the amount of $181.
($136 to Lodge + $45 to GLoVA assessment)

NOTE: You will be charged an extra fee of $5.71 to use PayPal for this particular transaction.

PLEASE NOTE that Membership and Dues prices are subject to change by vote of Lodge,
Bylaws alteration, and/or change to the Grand Lodge assessment of Grand Lodge dues.

Life Membership in Perpetuity (LMIP)

Silver Plan
Click here for LMIP Payment with current years' dues already paid.
($2,896.00 + $86.80 PP fee = $2,982.80)

Gold Plan
Click here for LMIP Payment plus current years' dues.
($3,077.00 + 92.21 PP fee = $3,169.21)

Annual Dues Payments via PayPal (for other years)

Click here for 2016 dues payment of $181.
($136 to Lodge + $45 to GLoVA assessment)

Click here for 2017 dues payment of $181.
($136 to Lodge + $45 to GLoVA assessment)

Affiliation Payments via PayPal

Affiliation Fee
Make a payment for affiliation if you are a brother from a Lodge
in another Grand Jurisdiction for $100.
Affiliation requests from members of Lodges within the Grand Jurisdiction of Virginia are free of charge.

Other Payments via PayPal

Payments for special events of the Lodge may be made here, and will be posted accordingly.