Alexandria-Washington Lodge No. 22


Michael Paul Bible, PM
Anno Lucis 6017 - - - - Anno Domini 2017

August 2017
Note: The Lodge Ritual School listed on August 29th has been canceled.
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Officers for 2017

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Did you know that the original 1744 Fairfax County weights and measures for grain and corn, owned by our Lodge, is on display at the Fairfax County Government Center Museum? On loan for the 275th Anniversary of Fairfax County.

Stamped "The County of Fairfax, 1744", the weights and measures were used to stop the buying and selling of "false weights" of corn, grain, salt, and wine.

Gifted to the county by the King of England in 1744 and, according to the University of Virginia, these weights and measures are the only complete set of standardized weights and measures from England that still exist in the United States.

The Smithsonian Museum of American History has on display the smaller pieces, owned by our Lodge, of the weights and measures, used for measuring wine. Below are the pictures of that display.

60 Year Masonic Veteran Presentation

On July 17, 2017, WB Mike Bible presented Brother William Neal Goodson with his 60 year award at his home. His wife was present and WB Mike enjoyed spending a little time with them. Brother Goodson seemed very happy and content with the recognition.

60 Year Masonic Veteran Presentation

On July 26, 2017, WB Mike Bible presented Brother William E. "Wiggie" Williams with his 60 year award at his home. Bro. Williams happens to be WB Mike's stepfather, which is why he was dressed a little more casually.

60 Year Masonic Veteran Presentation

On Saturday July 29th, WB Mike Bible had the opportunity to visit with Brother William Ham. He presented Brother Ham with his Veterans Award from the Grand Lodge of Florida. Brother Ham was delighted to receive the award and enjoyed their visit, as did WB Mike. They visited for nearly an hour. WB Mike plans to visit with him again very soon as they live close by to one another and frequent the same coffee house.